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The new Rock-Ola “Slimline” is the smallest free-standing commercial jukebox on the market today, with a mere 20” x 30” footprint. At a bit over 5 feet tall, the generous 19” touch screen is visually and practically balanced for optimal attraction in the streamlined façade of the cabinet.

Another innovation incorporated in the new Rock-Ola Slimline is the unmatched-for-power sound system designed and tuned exclusively for this model by Peavey. The Peavey 900 watt amplifier is standard, but the Slimline sound can be pumped up to as much as 3500 watts RMS with the addition of a second 900, 1500, or 2600 watt amplifier, an option that this compact cabinet comes equipped to accommodate. The amps are housed in a thermally isolated chamber to make a cooler-running jukebox.

The Peavey speaker system has also been designed and balanced by Peavey electronics and features a 15” dual-voice coil sub-woofer housed in a tuned, slot-loaded chamber, two 6-1/2” drivers in their own tuned enclosures, and two large horn tweeters. In Rock-Ola lab testing at full volume, a measurement of 112db was recorded! Other standard features include 4-channel, 4-zone wired remote control, 2-zone RF remote control, Quad 7-band graphic equalizer, multi-zone paging, and real-time digital automatic volume control (AVC) for both selected and background music.

Other features of the new Slimline include credit card and dollar bill acceptors (with sufficient space for an optional 1100 bill stacker).

The Slimline design is distinctive and versatile, totally modern yet reminiscent of earlier design with its chrome trim, flashing panels, and streamlined contours. The entire front of the jukebox has been hard tooled. The upper and lower doors are made out of high impact automotive plastic and the lower grill is made out of semi-soft black car bumper material and is impervious to moisture, kicks, and similar perils.

Standard hardware includes a 19" Ecast "Mojo" core with SAW touch screen,

4-channel, 4-zone control amp with AVC, Quad 7-band EQ, and paging; Audio Distribution unit with 70 Volt outputs Peavey 900Wrms standard power amp*; Standard 115V Coinco $1 - $20 DBA**, Accepts credit cards, programmable LED lighting with color wash, attract mode and "color to music"; amplifier(s) in isolated chamber with fan cooling; single filterless cabinet fan.

Peavey Speakers:

1 - Dual Voice Coil hi-performance 15" sub-woofer

2 - 6.5" woofers in separate enclosures

2 - horn-type tweeters

64.75” H x 30 ” W x 24.5 ” D
Weight: 317 lbs.

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