classic rock
Classic Rock

The most popular jukebox of all time is available as a streamlined-designed digital downloading entertainment centerpiece! A meticulous blend of old and new, teh Classic Rock gives the patron a choice of over 250,ooo songs by way of a 15" touchscreen monitor. Meanwhile, a kaleidoscope fo bubbles and changing colors flows through the translucent plastic panels. With quality in mind, only the finest of hardwoods are used to construct the cabinet. All trim pieces are genuine, die-cast metal, triple-pated to a highly-polished chrome.

Features include: "Mojo" with 15" surface acoustic wave touchscreen, 4-channel, 4-zone control amp with AVC, Quad 7-band EQ and paging, Peavey 900 Wrms standard power amp, $1 - $20 DBA with 700-note stacker, credit card acceptor.

Additional features include amplifier in isolated chamber with fan cooling, single filterless cabinet fan, battery backed with surge, spike, dip, and brown-out protection, paging and background music management. Both wired and wireless controls are standard.

Put an E-Bubbler in your newest location and get ready to watch your earnings soar like you’ve never seen before. Turn a “B” location into an “A” location with a digital downloading E-Bubbler jukebox.

Note: Not available for home use.
63” H x 33” W x 29” D Weight 350lbs.
jukebox specifications

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