Press Release

Rock-Ola announces new standard 4-Channel Wired Remote for commercial jukes

Torrance, CA, August 7, 2006 Vice President of Engineering, Ross Blomgren announced today the new standard remote control for Rock-Ola's popular E-Rock and Wall-Rock jukes.

“The new 4-channel remote allows operators to program volume levels in up to 4 different zones through updated jukebox screens and also lets location staff easily manage these levels with the remote,” Blomgren explains, “Bar staff can label different zones and indicate the optimum volume for each room or zone on the remote for future reference. The new wired remote features LEDs on the device, allowing users to check and alter volume levels, even for a room other than where the jukebox is located. The new jukebox set-up screens also allow operators to easily set separate volume levels for background and paid music.”

The new wired remote can be mounted on the back of the jukebox or secured in a safe place behind the bar. Beginning Monday, July 24, 2006, the 4-channel wired remote is standard equipment for Rock-Ola Wall-Rock and E-Rock ® commercial jukeboxes. The four channel remote is also available as a kit P/N 02463 to update any Rock-Ola Ecast powered jukebox or kit. Rock-Ola is the only company the offers four channel audio capabilities and full function touch screen setting on all of its conversion kits.
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