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Outstanding Distributors honored by Rock-Ola at 2007 ASI Convention


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Torrance, CA, April 13, 2007. As in past years, Rock-ola once again had the opportunity to honor its most outstanding distribution partners at the recent ASI show.

“Century Club” awards were presented to several veteran distributors: Vince Gumma, Tom Ferranda and Tony Shamma of AVS; Steven Toranto, Bob Graves and Gary Gouse of Birmingham Vending; Michael Damtew, Carson Jenkins, Dave Palmer, Chad Benson and Joe Johnson of Mountain Coin; Marty Schumsky of Reno Game Sales; and Brent McKennon and Hal Lieberman Viking Vending (a division of Lieberman). Bay Coin's Mitchell Kaufman of New York and UK distributor, Graeme Challis, of GC Leisure (not pictured) were also honored with the Century Club Award bearing the famous Rock-ola logo.




“Century Club” member Birmingham Vending:

Steven Toranto, Bob Graves, Gary Gouse, & Tim Lacey of Rock-ola

Tim Lacey and Vasric Grigorian of Houston Game Repair, honored for Outstanding Sales Performance in 2006



Tim Lacey with Century Club honorees Brent McKennon and Hal Lieberman of Viking Vending

Marty Schumsky of Reno Games is presented with the Century Club Award by Jim Belt of Rock-ola.


Century Club honors to Mountain Coin. L to R: Joe Johnson, John Schultz (Rock-ola), Michael Damtew,

Jim Belt (Rock-ola), Carson Jenkins, Dave Palmer, and Chad Benson


Mark Milletary of RMV Sales, Pennsylvania (R), recognized as Rock-ola's “Best New Distributor” for 2006.

“Outstanding Sales Performance” award plaques were presented to Vasric Grigorian of Houston Game Repair and Troy Estopinal of MTL Distributing of New Orleans, Louisiana. Other distributors recognized for outstanding sales performance in 2006 are Ray Williams of Commercial Music, Dallas , Texas , Jim Woodland of W.K. Distributing, Columbus , Ohio , and Jerry Hasma of Music Unlimited of Rochester, NY. The award for “Best New Distributor” went to Mark Milletary of RMV Sales, Pittsburg , Pennsylvania .

The recent convention also showcased Rock-ola's most recent additions to its popular line of commercial jukes. For the first time, attendees were able to try and purchase the latest RockStar model featuring the Ecast “Mojo” integrated core/touchscreen monitor. The production savings with the new core/monitor are passed on to distributors and finally operators, keeping the quality Rock-ola juke product at the top of the list for reliability and profitability. The new WallRock model prototype – also with the “Mojo” integrated monitor – was unveiled for the first time as well. The new WallRock will be shipping from the factory shortly.

Two CD-to-Digital Download retrofit kits for older NSM models were featured. The previously released “Performer” kit for ES-4 and ES-5 models and the prototype ES-6 kit, scheduled to be available later this Spring.



Jim Woodland of WK Distributing, Columbus , Ohio (L), receives recognition for his firms outstanding performance from Tim Lacey .

Commercial Music: Dennis Hall, Tim Lacey (Rock-ola), James Brewer and Ray Williams. “Outstanding Sales Performance”.



Troy Estopinal of MTL Distributing (center) “Outstanding Sales Performance”

“Century Club” member, AVS. From right, John Schultz (Rock-ola), Courtney Black, Vince Gumma, Tom Ferranda, Jim Belt (Rock-ola) and Tony Shamma







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