Press Release

Retro-fit for the Rock-Ola “retro” Fireball jukebox

Rock-Ola Mfg. Co. now offers more music with digital downloading technology for its vintage jukeboxes.

Torrance , CA , May 17, 2006: Shipping today are the first Fireball Conversion Kits, announced John Schultz, president of Rock-Ola Mfg. Co. Each kit contains all the components required to convert the original Rock-Ola Fireball CD jukebox to a powerful, digital downloading jukebox providing patrons with instant access to a massive music selection and operators with dramatically increased earnings.

Music is downloaded digitally through the exclusive Ecast broadband network, which offers thousands of songs from major, independent, and Latin record labels as well as interactive video music promotions, music filtering and more. Touch screen and a “Make Mine First” feature add attraction for patrons.

The converted jukebox can be managed from any internet browser through Ecast Central, an online service with full reporting and administrative capabilities. Convenient web-based reporting, price adjustment, and filtering features make it easy for the operator to manage the system and monitor equipment status, check the cash box, or adjust pricing.

Down-time is minimized with the Fireball Conversion Kit. The kit is designed to convert the Fireball in a few hours with step-by-step instructions. Everything is included: Computer Core, UPS, 15” ELO ® LCD monitor, all hardware, dome glass, keyboard overlay and side glass decals.

Made by Rock-Ola for Rock-Ola jukeboxes.


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