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Rock-Ola makes Forbes’ “Ultimate Gift List”

Torrance, CA, January 17, 2007 -- The Nostalgic Music Center is the latest innovation in home entertainment from the Rock-Ola Manufacturing Co. in Torrance , California . For the first time, leading edge technology is paired with vintage design and old-school virtuosity to create a totally unique home music system. With the Nostalgic Music Center the music aficionado can use a touch screen to manage a collection of up to 2800 CDs on a 160-gigabyte hard drive. Virtually a CD library, tracks can be played, sampled, and saved with the touch of a finger and playlists can be created, stored, and edited. Quality amplifiers and speakers fill the room or the entire home with a rich range of sound.

This past December the Rock-Ola Nostalgic Music Center landed in the company of 11 other well-crafted luxury gifts in the Forbes Life December 2006 issue, “Ultimate Gift List”. The Forbes list included a custom-built Fisker Tramanto automobile at $350K and hand-tooled cowboy boots from an exclusive El Paso craftsman at $7000. The Nostalgic Music Center from is right at home in this collection. Surrounding the very latest in electronic and sound technology is the quality craftsmanship and materials that the name Rock-Ola has represented for decades. The Nostalgic Music center is built after the classic “Bubbler” design of the 1940s with its illumination, exotic wood veneers, die-cast metal and chrome-plated details on a solid wood cabinet.

For about the cost of a pair of fancy boots, discerning music lovers may acquire a Nostalgic Music Center —recently introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and shipping now.


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