Press Release

Rock-Ola turns up the heat with Summer Ecast® Sales program

Torrance, CA, August 1, 2006 Rock-Ola president John Schultz today introduced a summer
promotion of its three most popular Ecast® models and recently released CD-to-Ecast®
Conversion Kits. This program features very significant discounts, rebates, and financing never before
seen in the industry.
Beginning August 1, 2006, the following retail jukebox prices will be in effect:

Rock-Star $4495.00
Wall-Rock & E-Rock $5550.00

Special interest rate financing is available from Firestone Financial for purchases of 2 or more
dedicated jukeboxes with no payments due for 6 months! Purchases of 2 – 4 jukes can qualify for a low
interest rate of 4.99% for 18 months*. Purchases of 5 or more jukes will enjoy zero-percent financing for
18 months. By taking advantage of this historic offer, an operator can install the machine and start
collecting revenue long before the first payment is due. Visit for additional
The CD-to-Ecast Conversion Kit promotion offers an $800 cash rebate to operators with a minimum
purchase of 2 kits. Rock-Ola offers Ecast® conversion kits for Fireball, Vivo, Rock, and Lyric CD jukes.
The rebate is payable upon connection to the Ecast® Jukebox Network.
This summer promotion is effective for 2 months only, beginning August 1, 2006 and ending on
September 30, 2006.

* interest accrues from the time of loan origination.

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