Rock-Ola Introduces New Jukebox Models and Unveils New Web Site

Chicago, IL, ASI Expo / Mar. 3, 2005 – Rock-Ola Manufacturing Corporation, the largest manufacturer and distributor of digital jukeboxes in the United States, unveiled a new digital-downloading Wallette Jukebox System® and Digital CD 9000-PV Jukebox floor model at the Amusement Showcase International in Chicago.

New Digital Downloading Wallette“Now in production, the new Wallette Jukebox System® completes the Rock-Ola family of digital downloading jukes,” said Glenn Streeter, Rock-Ola CEO.  “Our new Digital CD 9000-PV Jukebox, available this spring, will combine the powerful Peavey sound system with SyberSonic electronics.”

The Wallette Jukebox System® and the Digital CD 9000-PV Jukebox are the most recent additions to the Rock-Ola line from the company that built its first jukebox in 1935, before the rise of rock n’ roll. 

Small in size, large in features, the Wallette Jukebox System® provides customers on-demand access to more than 200,000 songs supplied by the Ecast Location-Based Broadband Network.  Ecast keeps its catalog current by continuously uploading new music releases.  The Wallette Jukebox System® offers all of the same features as Rock-Ola’s E-Rock-PV, E-Bubbler and Wall-Rock-PV broadband jukes, but with an external audio amplifier and speakers. 

Reminiscent of the classic jukebox model popularized in the 1950’s, the Wallette Jukebox System® combines nostalgia with today's technology, featuring brightly-illuminated rounded corners, chrome trim, a credit card reader, a twelve-inch ELO® monitor with glass touch screen, and bill and coin acceptors.  

The Wallette Jukebox System® is sold as a complete kit, including four Peavey Impulse 652S speakers, infra-red and wired volume controls, interconnecting cable, a four channel SyberSonic Pre-Amp and a PV® 900 Watt RMS Power Amp. We've even included 150 feet of 14 Ga speaker wire.

The Digital CD 9000-PV Jukebox features new colorful graphics,  a twelve-jacket title display under a scratch-resistant glass dome, and a PV® 900 Power Amp.  The Digital CD 9000-PV box comes with a custom-crafted internal Peavey cabinet speaker system including two 10” woofers and two horn tweeters.  The internal speakers are powered by a separate RMC 180 Wrms SyberSonic amplifier giving it a combined 1080 Watts RMS, making it the most powerful CD jukebox on the market.

All Peavey Power Amps® feature patented Distortion Detection Technique™, which virtually eliminates distortion, and Peavey’s patent-pending Turbo-V Cooling™, that cools power transistors more evenly than traditional heat-sink designs. 

Rock-Ola also unveiled their redesigned Web site which features up-to-date product spec information, articulated 3-D photos and graphics with easy-to-use navigation tools.  Of particular interest is the historical jukebox timeline, which displays an interactive chronology that begins with the birth of founder David C. Rockola in 1897, to the debut of his first jukebox in 1934, through the rise of rock n’ roll to the celebration of the company’s 75th Anniversary in 2002.

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