New Models Feature Adrenaline Pumping, Arena-Grade Sound Systems

(Sept. 30, 2004) After months of anechoic chamber testing and acoustic research, Rock-Ola Manufacturing Corporation, one of the oldest names in cash and credit-card operated jukeboxes, and Peavey Electronics Corporation, a leading manufacturer of professional audio amplifiers and speakers, will begin shipping custom Peavey sound systems as a standard feature of all E-Rock and Wall-Rock broadband-enabled jukeboxes.

“According to many of our operators, their patrons don’t want to just hear music; they want to feel it pulsing through their veins. Now they can, on the best-sounding jukeboxes in the country.” said Rock-Ola owner Glenn Streeter.  “With this new Peavey arena-style sound system, and the giant song catalog available on our broadband-enabled jukeboxes, operators can open up machines in larger venues, and give nightclub owners an alternative to canned music, deejays and live bands.”

Starting today, the new Peavey sound system, which features a PV® 900 Power will come standard in all E-Rock and Wall-Rock broadband-enabled jukebox product lines, which have been renamed the E-Rock PV and Wall-Rock PV. Both jukebox models can be upgraded with a PV® 1500 and PV® 2600 Power Amps to accommodate larger venues.

E-Rock PV jukeboxes also come with a custom-crafted internal Peavey cabinet speaker with two 10” woofers and two horn tweeters.  The interior speaker is powered by a separate RMC SyberSonic amplifier, also inside the juke.

“It is an honor to be working with a company that built its first jukebox in 1935, before rock ‘n’ roll existed, and whose founder, David Rockola, inspired the genre’s name," said Peavey Electronics founder and CEO Hartley Peavey.

All PV® Power Amps feature Peavey’s patented Distortion Detection Technique™, which virtually eliminates distortion, Peavey’s patent-pending Turbo-V Cooling™, which cools power transistors more evenly than traditional heat-sink designs and built-in 150 Hz crossovers. 

Rock-Ola E-Rock PV and Wall-Rock PV jukeboxes use proprietary client software from Ecast Corporation, which let patrons pay to play a huge catalog of songs from all five major and many independent record labels, available via the Ecast Location Based Broadband Network™.  Ecast keeps its collection continuously up to date by uploading hundreds of new releases to the network each month.

Peavey Electronics Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of musical instruments and professional sound equipment in the world. Peavey holds more than 130 patents and produces more than 2,000 products, which are distributed throughout the United States and to 136 other countries under the Peavey®, MediaMatrix®, Architectural Acoustics® and Crest Audio® brands. These audio products can be found on concert stages and in government buildings, theme parks, airports, stadiums and more around the world. To find out more, visit

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